Sean and Karel: Pre-Wedding Shoot

Wild love. Handmade paper. Stranded, windswept on a beach. Dishevelled yet opulent. How can anything go wrong? Well, nothing did. Thank you, MangoRed Studios, for having me as part of this amazing shoot.

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Photographer: MangoRed Studios / Coordination : Chinkie Uy of Metro Eventscape / Gown and Stylist: RabbitHole Creatives / Calligraphy: The FozzyBook / Makeup Artist: Mariah Santos

Tropical Colonial Chic

Okay, so it’s been a long while since I’ve last posted. This momma has been so busy with mommying that I haven’t even set aside time to fix my this site! It was recently a victim of some virus attack and now I’m going to have to build a new layout for it. There’ll be a new look soon! Well, kinda.

But then Janna of Bride and Breakfast asked me to do something for the blog. And she said that they needed something fresh. And just black and white. Maybe some bold brushwork. I totally jumped at it. I’ve been playing with a freer form of brush writing and this editorial’s timing was just PERFECT. Did I say they just wanted black and white? Can anyone say “Serendipity”?!??

So thank you, Janna. You are the angel to this script. The editorial is beautiful. You and your team have again pushed the envelope on stylish inspiration for the Philippine wedding scene.

More on the editorial can be found HERE.

Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-45 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-38 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-32 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-35 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-24 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-23 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-01 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-07 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-08 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-09 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-11 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-13 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-14 Angelfields-Tropical-Colonial-Chic-16

Photographer: NYAPS / Videographer: BlackTieProject / Venue: Angelfields Nature Sanctuary /Flowers & Decor: Jo Claravall / Bride’s Dress: Vania Romoff / Bride’s Dress: Charina Sarte /Groom’s Attire: Signet / Flower Girl Dresses: Hannah Kong / Bride’s Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. /Invitations & Stationery: The Fozzy Book / Makeup Artist: Nicole Pastrano / Hairstylist: Hikaru Aquino / Cake Baker: CynfullySweets / Rental Furniture: Bella Banquets / Wardrobe Stylist: Reese Rubin / Catering: Angelfields Nature Sanctuary

Bali Destination Wedding

So my writing made it to Bali as well as Style Me Pretty! Such an amazing feeling to be part of this (even if I haven’t been to Bali myself). Having my work photographed by one of the best – Blush Wedding Photography and styled by Joy Proctor Designs has left me crazy giddy. Also, baby elephant!!!

See more of the wedding HERE.




















Christmas Windows and the Zig Posterman

It’s so much fun to write big. A challenge, because you need to scale your letterforms and layout bigger than your usual sheet of paper, but such an amazing project to work on.


For this Christmas, Scribe Writing Essentials enlisted different local calligraphers to write one lovely quote on their branch windows. We used the Zig Posterman chalk markers (which made the job so much easier). They dry fast and stay put unless you wipe them off with a wet rag or paper towel. I brought a bottle of window cleaner to make the erasing / correcting go faster.

The markers are highly opaque and odorless (a.k.a. you won’t get high while working). They lay on a pretty solid line so you don’t need to go over anything twice.

For the windows below, we all used the 15mm pen. This size is available in 15 colors (wow, right?!?). Makes me want to draw on all the windows in my house! They are perfect not just on glass, but also on plastic, metal, white boards, black boards and illumi boards.

by @thefozzybook (me!)

You may go to any of the five branches of Scribe Writing Essentials and check out our work on their windows! And hoard pen stuff too. Ho ho ho!

by @inkscribbler
by @dyosaimma
by @aina.kristina
by @typeandtreats

For more information: Scribe Website | Zig (Japan) Website | Zig (Phils) Instagram

The Felt Tip Brush Pen Roundup


So this is kind of a follow-up to the post I did on brushes a few years ago – except that I’ll be talking more about felt tips. This is a mix of brushes I keep a constant stock on and some that I just tried because… well, because other people were using them (because we give into peer pressure like that).

The felt tip is a gift from heaven. When I first got my hands on one, it was absolute playtime. It allows you to experiment and even practice the pressure-release muscle memory without the mess of inks and nibs, without the worry of snagging and spattering. It takes a bit of practice to get the correct “handling” of the brush, but it can help you discover new styles and add freshness to your letters.


Out of all the brush pens I have, the Tombow is the one I’ve had the longest. I keep a constant stock of it. The tip is bendy, gives great variation, and holds well even with multiple pages of sketching (at least for me). I also love that it’s available in many shades of colors because I like layering sketches.

I read somewhere that the Copic Sketch was a brushpen more preferred than artists vs. the Tombow. So I went ahead and got myself one. It’s a good thing I only got one because I couldn’t manage the tip at all!


The tip of the Copic is on another planet of bendy. It’s like a bouncy toddler on cake icing. I watch videos of other people writing with it and there seems to be this “flick” action that I could never get. I’ve also stopped using it because unlike the other pens, it’s alcohol-based so it smells funny and eats into paper (you’ll need thicker paper for it because the ink seeps through). Also unsafe with the kids around. Not Fozzy-mommy approved. Lol.


New into the Philippine market is this dual pen from Tokyo Finds. It’s like the baby version of the Tombow Dual Tip. Not because it’s smaller, but because it’s less developed. It would be suitable for people who want to get an introductory feel on how felt brushes bend, but I think the tip is too sensitive for the abuse of practice if you want to hone the skill. I’d recommend these for coloring or loose sketching because the tip tends to fray (bye-bye hairlines). The monoline tip can accomplish small details, the brush for big, bold strokes.


I love Zig Philippines for bringing these beauties into our shores! The felt tip is very responsive to changes to pressure and it takes a whole lot of writing before it frays or loosens up. And they have metallic colors – who can say no to gold?!? The Fudebiyori color range is not as wide as Tombow or Copic, but the Zig brand also has the Scroll and Brush line if you want more hues. Since it’s available locally, it’s just great for beginners as well as for established… umm, hoarders.


These are some of the smaller felt tips that I have. I actually do own a bit more but they are in Japanese so I can’t understand the labels (hee). My favorites would be the Bimoji and the Pentel Touch. The Bimoji line has a range from Extra Fine to Large – I absolutely loooove the EF (sorry that I don’t have it now for a writing sample though). The Cocoiro is a cute little thing because you can get an array of color refills and just swap barrels if you want to change. The EF tip also allows me to write closest to my pointed pen hand, may it be freehand or classic copperplate. This flexibility actually goes the same for the Zig Bimoji EF and the Pentel Touch.

The Zig Mangaka is available in F and M tips and the Tombow Fudenosuke comes in Soft, Medium and Hard. These pens take a bit more effort to get variations, but are great workhorses when you get it down. These are my go-to brushes (alongside the Bimoji M) when I want to write subheads or smaller text and lay it out together with the bigger tips.

So there you have it! I hope this helps you as you hunt (or hoard) for your next brush pen purchase!

Kuretake Zig Pens are available at Scribe Writing Essentials, Swirls and Strokes PH, Craft Central, Craft Carrot and The Common Room | Tokyo Finds Pens are available at Fully Booked Bookstores | Tombow Dual Brush Pens are not distributed locally but can be ordered through

All photos taken by a Huawei P8.

Under the Oaks Editorial

Soft blue, maybe with a hint of gray. Cream. French and romantic. It didn’t really take so much to get me on board this styled shoot. Because it’s always an awesomely exhilarating feeling even being asked to be part of an editorial. Add on working once again with the super talented Joy Proctor and Kelly Kaufman? I dropped everything.

Here are some snippets from the editorial. More photos can be found as featured in Style Me Pretty as well as from the beautiful gallery of Kurt Boomer Photography (who shoots in film. FILM. My heart stops).



















The Natura Font Giveaway


Look! An awesome giveaway for Font Friday! When I got the email from Giuseppe inviting me to host the giveaway, I was ecstatic! You can see by how many exclamation points I’ve so far used. LOL.

This is his latest font and it’s called Natura. It is so crushable and pretty and we’re giving two – YES, TWO – people the entire font family! We’ll be collating all valid entries and raffling them off. Mechanics:

  1. Regram my Instagram post announcing the giveaway. View my IG feed HERE.
  2.  Tag both @beppeartz and @thefozzybook
  3. Hash #NaturaFontGiveaway
  4. Tag friends who are type addicts to spread the word!


“Designed first with a flexible fountain pen and then digitalized glyph by glyph to get the natural feeling of the dry ink on smooth paper.” 





To view the full functionality of the type family, head on over HERE.

Escape to the Mountains Editorial


Long overdue, I finally fixed my site and my life (somewhat) to be able to blog about this! I am beyond thrilled about this editorial because it’s the first global one with my freehand (squeals).

It is shot in the mountains of Fujairah and I just totally adore how the rugged background compliments the delicate wedding details. Organic, grounded and yet so very soft and elegant. Thank you so much, Maria and Jessica, for your belief in my work. I am humbled and immensely honored.

Here are a few of my favorite shots. This editorial is as seen in Lace in the Desert and Magnolia Rouge.













Photography: Maria Sundin | Make-up: Diana Mauer | Hair: Louise Auckland | Wedding Dresses: Ida Sjöstedt and Susanna Rachel | Flowers:Flowers by Contempo | Ribbon: Silk & Willow | Model: Sunny Senjack | Styling: Lace in the Desert