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The Laguna Pitbulls: Love Changes Everything

It was such an honor to have been invited to the blessing of the new sanctuary for the rescued Laguna Pitbulls. When I first heard of these dogs, it broke my heart. I sent my donation and kept on thinking what else I could do. I wanted to volunteer but even if all the details were up on their site, I had the feeling that I didn’t know how. It sounds silly, but maybe I was also just scared.

I didn’t want to leave it at that so in my own little way, offered free printables and a design suite for the benefit of these lovely dogs.

P1080563 copy

Having the chance to finally get to meet the dogs was awesome. If I could fit them all into my pocket, I would’ve. They just really melt your heart. That whole “oooh, pitbull… scary” thing is just a whole load of pfft. My mother’s poodle creates more stress and noise than all the pitbulls I met that day put together. Though some still need work and rehabilitation, for the most part they are just absolute sweethearts.

P1080557 copy

The organization is fully non-profit. And the rescue and rehabilitation of the pitbulls are sustained purely by donations and volunteers (save for the 5 caretakers who take care of the dogs every day). There are over 160 dogs in the center. To say that help is needed is an understatement.

I wanted to cry when they were showing how deplorable their previous conditions were. And I wanted to cry some more when the dogs just look at you so happily, as if to tell you that all’s better now. And that there’s hope. Oh hell, I’m crying just writing this.

P1080565 copy

P1080603 copy

The amount of love and positive energy at the center is intoxicating. And you can tell by just looking at the dogs’ precious faces. I would never have guessed that they were made to fight each other (the thought just makes me sick down to my toes).

That’s why volunteering is so important. They get to experience the good vibes and the warmth of being cared for.

P1080592 copy

P1080573 copy

That somber little guy is Astro. When he first got rescued, he refused to have anything to do with anyone. A volunteer I was talking to said that he’d just cower in the corner and wallow in depression. She said that the fact that he’s standing near the door, allowing us to pet him, is such a huge leap from what he was. I wanted to just kiss and smoosh that cute face.

P1080596 copy

P1080599 copy

P1080606 copy

Because of the sheer number of pitbulls at the center, not of all them can be brought out of their cages to walk and socialize with volunteers. At least, it would be the “adoptables” and those on the road to be. But you can still walk around and share good vibes with the rest of the dogs.

P1080578 copy

P1080589 copy

I left the center feeling so inspired and filled with this bright glowy energy (I really can’t describe it). It made me want to fly. I want to help more. I want to get more people to help. Drop all the prejudice, it’s not their fault. Humans made them fight and now humans should fix it.

I hope that in the one day, we get to adopt one. I really do (can’t wait for Hero to be old enough). Four have actually already been adopted and are doing well in their new homes. It’s encouraging. There is hope in the world.

If you’re interested in helping, you can go to:

http://helpsavethepitbulls.com and follow them on Facebook.
Donations can be made through bank deposit
or Paypal (for international donors).
Click HERE for details.
You can also read about Ruby
(one of the adopted pitbulls)
and her new life HERE.

7 Responses to The Laguna Pitbulls: Love Changes Everything

  1. Francescaortigas@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the lovely write-up! Hope you come back and visit the Laguna Pit Bulls again.

    • Hi Francesca! It was such an experience :) I can’t even put the proper words together to describe it. Will definitely go back!

  2. my sister and I submitted our volunteer applications to CARA months ago. we’ve yet to hear back regarding the schedule of our “interview”. they really should work on their volunteer application process if they really need help. I’m dying to meet these pitbulls!

    • Hi Kitkat! Can you email it to me? I think they had some sort of “reorg” within the members and they do take a while to respond. I’ll intro you to one of the core volunteers via email.

    • Hi Kitkat. In behalf of the team, I apologize for the delay of our response. We were swamped with the spay/neuter, medical check-up of the Pit Bulls and preparation of the Center blessing. Would you mind emailing your volunteer application again to: volunteeratlpb@gmail.com. I would be happy to set a schedule for your visit at the Center soon.

  3. Thanks for a very nice blog, Fozzy. Love the photos too! Thanks for all your support to the LPBs. Hope to see you again at the Center.

    • will definitely schedule my next visit. if not this April, surely in May! i’m having LPB withdrawal just thinking about it. they’re just the sweetest.

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