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Chris and Amanda: Endlessly Lovely


Thinking about this wedding fries my brain with so much happiness that it took me forever to decide on how to start this post (so there, it’s officially started).

Amanda sent me an email months before her wedding. Like many of my clients, I only get to “meet” them this way. Everything about her was so warm and sweet, I would smile whenever I see her name on my inbox. I did calligraphy addressing (on really wonderful paper, I must add!) and the challenge of writing out poetry they’ve chosen for their wedding.

The poetry was so beautiful, I was in tears while writing them (I’m such a sap, I know). And even if it took me several times to finally get the writing down, I didn’t at all mind. My favorite has got to be the Hands Ceremony (author unknown). Oh gosh, that sent me bawling like anything.

So Chris and Amanda, thank you so much. This goes down as one of the most memorable things I’ve ever done. Thank you for introducing me to such beautiful and loving words. May you be blessed with good and long days together (as the Apache Love Poem would say).














Photography: Metrophoto | Coordination: Bespoke Manila
Invitations: Printsonalities | Flowers: Vatel Manila (bride + entourage)
Styling: Bluegrass Project | Gown: Veluz | Venue: The Peacock Garden, Bohol


4 Responses to Chris and Amanda: Endlessly Lovely

  1. Naiyak din ako when I read the Hands Ceremony (thanks to your link). So beautiful.

    • I wrote it around 3 times and got it correctly (without snags or mishaps) on the fourth try. Each time, I had this lump in my throat!

  2. Fozzy!!! Sorry, I only saw this now. Thank you so so much for the kind words and for being a part of our wedding through your work. It’s special and truly appreciated. :)

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