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The Amazing Q


It’s no new news that I’m an avid fan of this movement. Subscribers to the newsletter actually get a special discount at LVSC’s Etsy store. Martina and Giuseppe are awesome artists by themselves too. And I wish I had teleportation powers just to join their workshops in Berlin.

When I got an email from Giuseppe inviting me to join the open battle they were setting up, my stomach churned and tied itself in knots. ACK! REALLY?!? ME?!?!? Did I want to jump? Cry? Scream until the neighbors thought I was crazy? Yes. To all of the above. I wondered if I could do it and for a second I was thinking of declining. But I had to slap myself and say yes. Because things like these don’t come along every day. Bite it, I said.


And then I got the email that I was supposed to write against the assignment “Amazing Q.” AAAGGG. I barely write Q’s. And a capital?! Oh nooooo! I was stumped for an entire day. We were given a deadline and I’d be sketching away, not really satisfied. How could I make this blasted thing amazing?! HOW???


At first I tried with the brush. And then some penwork. I submitted my first studies barely meeting the deadline and then got the reply to take another crack at it. My heart shattered and sunk and dug itself a hole to hide in. I wanted to take it back. Giuseppe, I’m sorry, I can’t do it!!! I changed my miiiind!!! (I didn’t actually say this, but I wanted to).

He gave me some inspiration and a few tips, like taking a photo instead of scanning. I looked at calligraphy books and specimens to get myself going again. Amazing. Amazing. Needs to be amazing. He also said, “we have to win!” (AAAAGH, pressure!!!)



After swooshing and swashing with black ink, I decided to see what it would look like with color. That’s my first go using FW’s Process Magenta. Loved the color. And then the fan blew the paper away before the ink dried. Could the assignment be changed to a “bleeding Q” perhaps?

I took a photo of the best Q’s I could muster and sent them for clearance. When I got the reply that they were good, OH MAN. I just swallowed myself into a little ball of epileptic happiness. The email just said, I like them. I wanted to marry that email. It made me that happy.

Lettering vs calligraphy-1

Yesterday, the battle came out on LVSC. And as of now, calligraphy is winning. To say that I feel blessed is not even cutting it. Congratulations also to Joachim VU, it’s an absolute honor to be battling with you.

5 Responses to The Amazing Q

  1. Great post Fozzy.
    Good job! :)

  2. Omg amazeballs!!! I can imagine the pressure after reading “We have to win!” haha. That Q is just delightful. :)

  3. I just saw your entry and my heart made a little dance after seeing a Filipino name on it. Your work is amazing and so far, yours is still winning. Thank you for being such an inspiration. :)

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